Pediatric Partners is composed of the area’s top pediatricians and pediatric specialists. As a physician-led organization, all members are welcome and encouraged to fill long-term or short-term leadership roles within the network. Our physicians lead every effort, from the board of directors to ad-hoc work groups. The expertise and leadership skills of every member are called up to support quality and cost-savings efforts. The leaders below comprise our board and various standing committees:

Board of Directors

  • Anthony Scott

    Anthony Scott, M.D.

    Chairman of the Board
    Grapevine Pediatric Clinic

  • Cynthia Webb

    Cynthia Webb, M.D.

    Pediatric Associates of Dallas-Plano

  • John McClay, M.D.

    ENT for Children

  • Julio Len

    Julio Len, M.D.

    Metro Pediatrics

  • Mary Jean Strength

    Mary Jean Strength, M.D.

    Pediatric Health Care Associates

  • Nikki Wacker

    Nikki Wacker, M.D.

    18 & Under

  • Omar Gomez

    Omar Gomez, M.D.

    Kid Care Pediatrics

Medical Directors

  • Anthony Scott

    Anthony Scott, M.D.

    Chairman of the Board
    Chair of Contracting Committee
    Grapevine Pediatric Clinic

  • Christopher Abel

    Christopher Abel, M.D.

    Chair of Governance Committee
    Pediatrics at Campbell Center

  • Marla Conger

    Marla Conger, M.D.

    Co-chair of Quality Committee
    Kids First Pediatrics

  • Melody Burton, M.D.

    Chair of Service Excellence Committee
    Mansfield Pediatrics

  • Naomi Piga, M.D.

    Co-chair of Quality Committee
    Piga Primary Care Associates